Thread starter #1. It grows most successfully in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 7 through 10. It has excellent shock and wear resistance, but has a very high shrinkage rate, … Songs and stories abound about possums' great love of "simmons," as the tree was called. ]]> Persimmon Wood. It is used in woodturning, and used to be very popular in the production of golf heads when wooden clubs were used. '); Persimmon is a warm, earthy color with tones of red, orange, and brown that work together to reflect happy, energetic vibes throughout your home. The branches and leaves tend to droop in a slightly weeping fashion, making it a good ornamental tree for landscaping. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Tanine geeft de vrucht een wrange smaak die pas verdwijnt als de vrucht helemaal rijp en zacht is. The name possumwood is believed to be a reference to the fact that possums and other wild animals, as well as birds, are big fans of the persimmon fruit. When dried correctly, the wood can be used for all types of applications. In different areas it is called simmon, sugar-plum, common persimmon, eastern persimmon,or possumwood. Height/Weight 'dimension2': 'Wood Explorer', You get more distance with the titanium clubs.". Persimmon wood has a wide variety of uses. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Likely, its most famous use is in the production of textile shuttles. offers 800 persimmon wood for sale products. 'dimension3': 'undefined', The U.S. Department of Agriculture information reports that persimmons were also popular in numerous Native American legends. Persimmon Wood Slabs American Persimmon is a native tree prized for both its fruit and lumber. gtag('js', new Date()); It is easier to hit because there is a bigger area on the face, plus it gives what we call a trampoline or springboard effect, which you can't get from wood. PHOTO. "With wood, you are limited to the size of the club head because of weight. Since it is a hardwood, it works well as flooring, although it is prone to shrinkage and therefore requires careful fitting. Like the plant itself, the lumber version of persimmon has a number of aliases. American persimmons should be fully ripe before they eating, because they are astringent, meaning very acidic. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. With titanium being very lightweight, one can make a larger club. Persimmon is a good turnery wood and is a favorite for pool cues. Persimmon wood is used for paneling in traditional Korean and Japanese furniture. Nash said it was a different story 25 years ago, when persimmon and other woods like walnut and hickory were used. But … The wood has an interesting grain figure which sometimes includes stripes and roe figures. //--> Average weight is 52 pounds per cubic foot. 'dimension8': '173319', New Listing 4 Old PERSIMMON Golf Clubs Woods Drivers ( Hickory Macgregor ) H&B Walter Hagen . Tried to post a reply but lost it. It has a rather extensive native range in the eastern United States. "We feature a putter and a club called the ginty, basically a trouble fairway club designed to get a player out of the rough. Its ability to retain a smooth surface, even after hard usage, makes it a great choice for so many projects. Average height is 50 to 70 feet but some trees grow to 100 feet with diameters of 2.5 feet or less. Experts recommend using sharp cutting surfaces. 'dimension9': '173319' Persimmon is technically related to true ebonies (Diospyros genus), and is therefore sometimes referred to as "white ebony." Xmas recipe A traditional Christmas recipe from Switzerland: persimmon yogurt scented with vanilla is a light end to often heavy holiday meals. gtag('config', 'AW-799896374'); What distinguishes persimmon for use in club heads is its high impact resistance. was once the wood of choice for golf clubs. Persimmon Wood Slabs American Persimmon is a native tree prized for both its fruit and lumber. The fruit, twigs and leaves from Persimmon trees were used by Native Americans and early settlers for medicines. We invite you to … CMC sells two different clubs made from persimmon. Materials like titanium have eaten away at the market persimmon once dominated because titanium makes for a lighter, yet larger club head. The most common persimmon wood material is wood. The fruit is sweet and slightly tart. There are 253 persimmon wood for sale on Etsy, and they cost $28.65 on average. I've made a number of bows with both species but mainly with Texas persimmon (also called, Chapote; cha-poh-teh) and the wood works well for bows but yes, as others have mentioned the wood itself is heavy. For years, it was known as one of the best choices for wooden golf club heads. In recreation, it is used to make golf clubs, pool cues, drumsticks and musical instruments. The wood harvested from persimmons is a hard and strong wood. //--> Persimmon wood..... Thread starter Jeff C. Start date Jul 10, 2015; Jul 10, 2015. University of Texas at Austin- Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center: Diospyros Texana. }); The timber is difficult to dry, but our high-tech vacuum kilns can keep the movement minimal and stabilize any surface checking. You guessed it: brown. //-->